The Sisifo Consortium was awarded UNI ISO 9001/2008 certification on 29/11/2007. 
The aim of the quality system adopted by the Consortium is to boost and continually improve the satisfaction of clients and their families.

These aims are pursued by encouraging a process approach to the development, implementation and improvement of the Quality Management System.

This involves constant Internal Auditing with a view to assessing how closely services comply with requirements and the pertinent standards.

Certificazione RINA
Sisifo - Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali

The Management System is certified by the Certification Body R.I.N.A. S.p.A. for the:

  • planning and delivery of health and social care services provided locally for adults, minors, the disabled and immigrants;
  • planning and delivery of integrated home care services for adults, minors, the disabled, terminal patients (suffering from cancer or other diseases), and patients requiring palliative care;
  • planning and running of residential health and social care facilities for adults, minors, the disabled, terminal patients and immigrants.

A yearly survey conducted by the Sisifo Consortium measures the level of user satisfaction with the services managed directly by or entrusted to the member cooperatives.
To this end, the QMS provides for a specific procedure that involves administering questionnaires to statistically significant samples of users, containing specific indicators for each type of service.

For each question, users are invited to describe their experience as not at all satisfactory, not very satisfactory, very satisfactory or extremely satisfactory.
The procedure provides for the use of an electronic data sheet that processes the concentration of responses and illustrates them in the form of numerical scores that can be monitored annually.

Sisifo - Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali