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Day surgery, or “one-day surgery”, represents the clinical-organizational modality for carrying out surgical interventions or invasive diagnostic and / or therapeutic procedures, in hospitalization regime limited only to the hours of the day, under general, loco-regional anesthesia or local. This allows for an early return to one’s family environment, minimizing the discomfort generated by hospitalization.

As part of day surgery activities, as indicated in the agreement of the State-Regions Conference of 1 August 2002 “Guidelines for day surgery activities”, the National Health Service guarantees the scheduled execution of surgical interventions or procedures invasive and semi-invasive diagnostics and / or therapeutics which, due to the complexity of execution, duration, risks of complications and patient conditions, can be performed safely throughout the day, without the need for prolonged post-operative observation and, in any case, without night observation.



Casa di Cura Villa San Francesco

Villa San Francesco is a nursing home accredited to the Health Service of the Sicily Region with D.D.S. n. 2005 of 19.10.2016. It is included in the list of institutionally accredited health facilities as an independent day-surgery and outpatient surgery for a total of n. 7 beds (doubled), having always passed the verification of structural, technological and organizational requirements carried out by the ASP3 of Catania.

Villa San Francesco S.r.l.
V.le Odorico da Pordenone, 46/48 – Catania
Sito Web:
Tel. 095.580520

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