For the Sisifo Consortium, the drafting of the 2015 Social Responsibility Report was the outcome of a complex process involving a large group of people who worked together to produce a well structured, comprehensive document.

This Social Responsibility Report has become a benchmark for the various organisational units that make up the Consortium, and indeed the whole network.

The 2014 Social Responsibility Report has attempted to bring together a number of different elements, reconciling a description of what the Sisifo Consortium does with a description of the social solidarity aspects and the human dimension.

This shared effort, conducted along with the managers of the social cooperatives, our employees, the entities we work for, local institutions, social operators and the families of our users, has allowed us to piece together a picture of the innovative actions implemented in the local area, showing how mere intentions become actual projects and services.

Sisifo - Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali