The cornerstones of the Sisifo Consortium are those same principles that inspire the cooperative movement worldwide: mutuality and cooperation between cooperative associations, respect for the individual, the prevailing of Man over money and internal and external democracy.
In keeping with the purposes set forth in the charter, the aims of the Sisifo Consortium are:

  • to encourage and coordinate collaboration between cooperatives, in order to promote the social inclusion and integration of disadvantaged, marginalised individuals
  • to offer support and technical-administrative consulting services, as well as any other services the member cooperatives require to render their operations more effective
  • to encourage the development and social productivity of the cooperatives, also by promoting their products and services among third parties and public and private entities
  • to take appropriate measures to encourage new social cooperation projects and activities
  • to take part in tenders and manage the activities contemplated in Law no. 381/91, directly or together with member cooperatives.

The activities carried out up to now have earned the Consortium significant expertise and experience in the field of health and social care, as well as forming a qualified staff comprising doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, social workers, healthcare and social care operators, etc., all highly skilled and professional.