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The Sisifo Consortium of Social Cooperatives follows a programme designed to ensure its actions are entirely lawful in every way. Our organisation and management model is the most important manifestation of our desire to operate in the very best way possible, in order to ensure no unlawful actions are committed, and that are conduct is ethically irreprehensible.

We have always invested in control and monitoring tools designed to ensure observance of both the law and ethical principles, and to promote and spread the values that are at the forefront of healthy social cooperation. In order to strengthen and sharpen the efficacy of our efforts to prevent and fight any possible attempts by organised crime to infiltrate the world of cooperative enterprises, a specific Legality Protocol has been signed together with the Ministry of the Interior and the Cooperatives’ Alliance.

By means of a specific resolution passed by the Board of Directors on 25 May 2015, the Sisifo Consortium of Social Cooperatives, in observance of the principles of transparent information and management, good faith and ethics, set in motion the procedure for adherence to the principles and rules set forth in the Legality Protocol.

Consorzio Sisifo
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