The purpose of SSR S.p.A., set up on 11/08/2000 and accredited by the Regional Health Service on 3 July 2014, is to manage healthcare services and integrated healthcare services for the individual.
Within this framework, the company has an agreement with the Provincial Health Authority of Messina to provide in-clinic and in-home rehabilitation services, pursuant to art. 26 of Law no. 833/78. These include:

  • speech therapy
  • psychomotor therapy
  • psychotherapy
  • education
  • kinesiotherapy/neuromotor re-education
  • occupational therapy.

Rehabilitation services are guaranteed by around 150 professional figures (106 employees and 40 self-employed operators), who form the team required to deal with the full range of user needs (physiatrists, child neuropsychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, speech therapists, neuropsychomotor therapists, physiotherapists and pedagogists).

Consorzio Sisifo
Sisifo - Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali


Villa San Francesco is a healthcare facility with accreditation from the Sicily Region Health Service, included on the pertinent list of independent structures authorised to carry out “day surgery and ambulatory surgery”.

The facility has a capacity of seven beds, which can be doubled up to accommodate 14 patients. 
“Day surgery” refers to the carrying out of surgery for minor or intermediate conditions, which require only a short stay in hospital and discharge on the same day as the operation.

The facility is also authorised to perform cosmetic surgery and the carry out the pertinent office visits.


AiCare S.r.l. is an innovative startup with a social vocation (SIAVS), focused on the development and accessibility of new integrated non-hospital care models. The founding members are professionals in the health sector, academic research and ICT. To guarantee the seriousness and validity of the AiCare project, there is also the participation of 3 of the main Italian Social Cooperatives, COOSS Social Cooperative, Codess Sociale and Consorzio Sisifo. The solidity of the business structure is fundamental since it allows AiCare and its scalable model in other areas. Aicare offers the following services:

Portaledellacura.it – ​​The first integrated Healthcare Partner marketplace. A space open to healthcare professionals, to social health structures, to offer aids, supplements, wellness products, etc.

Non-Hospital Care Techno Solutions – Design of personalized non-hospital health partner solutions centered on the person. Integration of social and health services with software and hardware technological solutions.

Digital Transformation & ICT Services – The AiCare IT team, composed of project managers, web designers, front end & back end developers, are responsible for managing turnkey ICT projects in php, javascript, java, html, css. Innovation and integration are the words that identify Aicare as a hub where experience in social and health services meets skills in social research and software development. The company develops solutions and projects tailored to the user’s needs.

Sisifo - Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali