Sisifo – Consortium of Social Cooperatives member of the League of Cooperatives, associates leading social cooperatives in social assistance and health services in Sicily.

Sisifo is an authoritative economic entity and a political interlocutor, committed since 1999 in promoting for the associated cooperatives, the development of new social cooperation initiatives.

Sisifo | Consorzio di Coopertative Sociali

Who we are: The Cooperative Onlus Society “ANCHISE SOC.COOP.SOCIALE ARL” as non-profit organization and social utility contributes, since its establishment, to the integration and well-being of the most marginalized subjects, with the aim of raising awareness the surrounding community.

For years she has been involved in managing and carrying out social, health and welfare services in the Sicilian territory, employing professional figures specialized in various care areas, which intersect perfectly with each other, in order to offer the best form of assistance, as the Our interest is to put all the needs of our users at the center to guarantee them the best service. These services are provided in connection with public bodies, local associations and local agencies.

“Anchises” combines solidaristic values ​​and entrepreneurial culture, responding to local institutions and communities with the efficiency and efficiency typical of a company. The Soc. Coop. Anchise is a member of the “Sisifo” Consortium of Social Cooperatives, present throughout the national territory through the provision of social and health services to the individual.

Sectors of intervention: home care for the elderly.

Our Excellence: Care for the elderly, withdrawals, various medications and other services and activities in favor of the weak and disadvantaged groups.

Registered and operational office: Via Nazionale, 31 – 94100 Enna
Administrative and operational headquarters: Via S. Felice snc – 94014 Nicosia (EN)
Tel/Fax 0935/647419
P.Iva / C.F 00442430864

President and Legal Representative – Dr. Luigi Russo

Who: ASSOMED ONLUS – SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE founded on 03.11.1998 in Aidone (En)

Areas: seniors and children

– Home care for the elderly
– Home care to diversabili
– Home care for children
– Support personal hygiene to students with disabilities
– Providing nursing and auxiliary social health
– Emergency alarm and telecare
– Design of social and health-care
– Activities of re-employment of young people entering the criminal circuit
– Management of nursing homes
– Management of residential facilities for diversabili
– Management of centers for the elderly
– Vocational training in the socio-health

Sede legale: via Cavour n.130 – 94010 Aidone (En)
Sede operativa: via Teatro, 18 – 94010 Aidone (En)
Tel.:0935-87879 – fax: 0935-88086

Who: ASTREA – SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE founded 09.04.1991 a Giarre (Ct)

Areas: children and disabled

– Service of educational home for children
– Community accommodation for minors
– Management of Alzheimer Day Centre
– Community housing for people with disabilities

Contact: legal representative Salvo Calì
sede legale: Via Teatro, 59 – Giarre
sede operativa: Italia, 168
tel.: 095 938038 – fax: 095 933905

Who: La cooperativa “Azione Sociale” founded on 1984 in Messina

Social welfare services, education and health in structural and territorial

– Daycare
– Teaching youth gathering
– Community accommodation for minors
– Home care services for elderly, disabled and families
– Community housing for mentally disabled
– Structure therapeutic care and rehabilitation
– Family Home for minors and women in need

Contacts: piazza  San Giovanni n.15 98155 Villaggio Castanea
tel.: 090 317581  fax: 090 317585

Who: Con sede a Capo d’Orlando (Messina), dal 23 Marzo 2005, eroga servizi sociali e socio-sanitari a carattere domiciliare e residenziale. Attualmente gestisce la Casa Protetta San Giuseppe per anziani e disabili, occupandosi altresì della elaborazione dati delle cooperative socie.

Activities: n.d

Sede Legale: Contrada Malvicino, 98071 – Capo d’Orlando
Tel.: 0941. 957732


About us: Established on 19 October 1990, the cooperative deals with services to companies and in particular: activities of organizational, tax and legal consulting, management of company accounting, marketing, export consulting, IT services and data processing , market research, budget analysis, preparation of organizational budgets. It also deals with the preparation of professional training courses and qualification, specialization, updating and improvement of personnel of public and private companies.

Sede Legale: Ho Chi Min Course n.107 / A 97013 – Comiso
Tel.: 0932 731 026
Site: http: //

SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE founded on 06.10.1983 in Capo d’Orlando (Me)



Sede legale: piazza Merendino n.7 – 98071 Capo d’Orlando (Me)
Sede operativa: via Consolare Antica n.658 – Capo d’Orlando
tel.: 0941 911985 / 0941 957051 / 0941 913044
fax: 0941 912377

Legal Rapresentative: Francesco Carone

Who: The Cooperative deals with a diversified range of personal services: home care, housing for the elderly, assistance and rehabilitation for people with disabilities, assistance and protection of minors, reception of migrants, outsourcing of nursing and care services, global management of welfare and hotel services .

Activities: n.d

Sede Legale: Via Caduti Strage di Bologna, 5 – 70125 Bari
Tel. 080.99053419

Who: n.d.

Activities: n.d

Via Marcellino, 16 – Catania
tel. 095.370273
fax: 095.370273

Who: The Cooperative “Infomedia” is a non-profit social operating a training and support against social groups in distress or marginalization, according to the cooperative model. It started its activities by managing design services and consultancy at the Regional Department of Labour, on behalf of the companies customers for the period 2002-2008. It later managed services open in favor of the elderly, disabled and children and other marginal segments of the population in various municipalities of Sicily. The results are satisfactory and aimed at a more appropriate management of the problems of the most vulnerable. Coop., In particular, is in charge of activities linked to human, moral and cultural, as well as all’incentivazione and promotion work of the socially disadvantaged. The Coop. Social “Infomedia” was formed by notarial deed on 27.12.2001 approved by the court in Catania; then he proceeded to amend its statutes adapting to new laws enacted until the last change took place on 19/12/2012.


Sede Legale: Via Vitaliano Brancati, 14 Catania
Tel.: 095-505322 – Fax: 095-501516

Who we are: The CPR, a multifunctional center rehabilitation social coop society, is accredited with the ASP of Syracuse and provides rehabilitation services in its accredited center located in Rosolini. Established in 1996, it manages services for the elderly, the disabled and minors, including a gym for rehabilitation activities.

Sede Legale: Via Sipione, 175 – Rosolini
Tel. 093.1858078 – Fax: 093.1855512

About us: In 1984 the “Narciso” Soc. Coop. Social. The promoters are a group of young people engaged at different levels in social and cultural life in the territory that in those years did not express great attention to social welfare issues and public administrations boasted initiatives for the greater relegated to the mere economic subsidy for those in need.

However, the dialogue put in place by the Narciso cooperative, the needs highlighted, the cost effectiveness of the intervention, the social, cultural and political value of the proposals made highlighted the conditions for creating a positive interaction with the local administrations aimed at satisfying the real needs, often unexpressed because undetected, of the territory of the South Calatino area.

The winning weapon, which still represents the “entrepreneurial” spirit of the cooperative, is represented by the continuous monitoring of the territory and therefore by the ability to read it and elaborate intervention proposals.
Many things and people have changed since the date of the establishment of the cooperative, but the historical tradition and the ethical setting have today remained unchanged as a guiding tool for all successors who now operate and live in this activity as difficult as it is gratifying.

La Narciso Soc. Coop. Sociale is part of the National League of Cooperatives and Mutuals and of “SISIFO” Consortium of Social Cooperatives.

Sectors of Intervention: Services to people (elderly, disabled, minors)

Our Excellence:
– Home care for the elderly, inability and minor
– Home education for minors and families in difficulty

Registered office: via garibaldi n.36 – 95042 Grammichele (CT)
Tel .: 0933 940559 – Fax: 0933 942307

Legal representative Mrs Teresa Maria Saitta

Who: PROGETTO SALUTE – SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA SOCIALEfounded on 25.02.2000 in Palermo


– Educational
– Social and welfare
– Socio-health

– Service socio-educational care
– Support communication to sensory disabled

Legal representative Dott.ssa  Falautano Anna Maria
Sede legale: Via Domenico Scinà, 28 – 90139 Palermo
Sede operativa: Uffici : Via Domenico Scinà, 28 – 90139 Palermo
tel.: 091 7495292 – fax: 091 7495292

Who: SERVIZI SOCIALI – SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE  founded on  14.10.1982 in Messina

– Home care for the elderly, the sick, subjects disable guests, children and immigrants
– Management or Construction Retirement Homes
– Recreational activities for elderly and disabled persons
– Telephone helpline for the elderly, young people, persons with disabilities and the sick
– Organization of Conferences and Training
– Housing Community Management, Nurseries Company and not in favor of Immigrants and Children

Legal representative Cono Galipò
Sede legale: via Varese n.6 – S.Piero Patti (Me)
Sede operativa: via A. Volta n.57 – 98071 Capo d’Orlando (Me)
tel.: 0941 911985 – fax: 0941 912377

About us: Cooperative company established on June 23rd 2000. Work on the regional territory in the sectors of collective catering (schools and hospitals), company canteens, banquets and catering, also for large events such as exhibitions and / or fairs.

Location: Via Giorgio Pastore, 6 92100 – Agrigento
Tel .: 0922.608938 – Fax: 0922.651894

Who: TURI APARA – SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE founded 10.08.1990 in Modica

Areas: House assistance

– Welcome Centre
– Services Animation and Social Tourism
– Services Home Care:
– Social Secretariat
– Auxiliary services of school meals
– Community housing
– Auxiliary services of cleaning and / or custody
– Service supplementary assistance
– Research Services
– Improvement of Home Care Services

Legal representative Rosaria Gulino
Sede Legale: Via Resistenza Partigiana, 180 H  97015  – Modica (RG)
Sede Amministrativa: Ho Chi Min, 107 – 97013 – Comiso (RG)
Tel: 0932-731203 – Fax 0932/965555